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Welcome to Twinkler!

Twinkler is a new generation application for anyone with an interest in how radio networks are built. Our aim is provide an easy to use application with the capacity to provide REAL-TIME feedback in radio frequency prediction and planning that caters for all levels of knowledge, from novice to an experienced radio frequency planner. 

Twinkler differs and excels in comparison to conventional, PC based radio planning tools in many ways including:

- It is a 100% CLOUD SERVICE. So there is no need to setup a dedicated clusters of PCs. It has the capacity to run in all modern web browsers.

- It INCLUDES ALL NECESSARY DATA. There is no need to buy and import elevation or morphology data and there is also a selection of over 4,000 antennas. 

- It comes with PRESET DEFAULTS for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFI, which means minimal experience is needed to start using the application but all prediction parameters can be easily changed by experienced planners.

- It provides IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to coverage predictions. See the effect of changes in real time, both on individual and combined coverage plots. 

- Data can be IMPORTED and EXPORTED using Excel.

Twinkler can be used in many different ways but we expect it to be used for:

- Rapid evaluation and planning of individual sites, as well as networks

- Competitor analysis

- Spectrum scenario planning

- Display and analysis of real time network status

We can't wait for you to start testing out Twinkler and look forward to you providing us with any feedback or comments.

Leave us a message in the comments on your first experience with Twinkler and be sure to post any questions or queries you have in the blog.

Twinkler Team.

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